Power up your small office with opensource software

I would be happy to collaborate with your local IT manager
to make your office more productive using the following components

Picture: FSFE.org, Licence: CC-SA

private calendar and cloud with nextcloud

Store your data and calendar on you own servers. Use apps like OnlyOffice to edit your documents simultaneously.

Picture: wikimedia.org, Licence: Public Domain

VPN with wireguard

Access your office-network securely with the VPN "wireguard".

Picture: uvnc.com, Licence: GNU General Public License.

Remote Access

Access the desktops of your office-servers (windows and linux alike) using a VPN.

All together as a team

Use your VPN with DynDNS together with Nextcloud and UltraVNC for comfortable remote-work.
Depending on your network configuration, you might even turn on your PC from remote saving
electrical power.

If you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact me for more information